Introducing our new leadership program, with a specific focus on equipping women in laboratories with the tools required to confidently take on leadership roles.

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Women make up 80% of health care workers of that 80%


LTS Health would like to develop women in medicine to be more confident in assuming leadership positions in their laboratory. We have developed a customised leadership programme directly focused on equipping women with the tools required to succeed and confidently take on leadership roles.


The program is multi-faceted


This program equips women in lab medicine to:

  • Understand what is happening in the health ecosystem and how they fit in.
  • Create an understanding of how it impacts their laboratories.

  • Discover how their laboratory value chain operates.

  • Understand what their role is in contributing to the performance of their laboratory.

  • Applying tools to improve the performance of their laboratory to support strategic objectives.




Structure. Empower. Sustain.