LTS Health Shortlisted as HSJ 2018 Consultancy of Year

The HSJ Partnership Awards shortlisted LTS Health for 2018 Consultancy of the Year for a project that initiated a culture of transformation within an NHS trust.


HSJ Partnership Awards shortlisted LTS Health for their collaborative partnership with Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust that achieved improved efficiency and enabled cost savings and turnaround time (TAT) target achievements. The project was a major success, ultimately resulting in a 900% return on investment (ROI) for the trust and shortlisted LTS Health as a finalist in the category of 2018 Consultancy of the Year. The shortlisting is a major achievement for LTS Health as HSJ noted that there were numerous entries this year.

Chris Fourie, CEO of LTS Health UK, said: “At LTS, it is our mission to help laboratories move the world forward and this shortlisting is for a project that showcases how we do this. We are excited to have been shortlisted in the Consultancy of the Year category and we are delighted with the successful collaboration with NHS Trust and our continued partnership”.

The challenge was to overcome sub-optimal performance in the histopathology and blood science service department, with increasing costs and underachieved turnaround times that could lead to potential penalties and deteriorated quality to patients.

LTS Health approached the challenge from a process perspective by combining laboratory consulting, PinpointBPS® and Power of Process. LTS identified areas for immediate improvement which, ensured success and sustainability. The outcome provided sustainable opportunities that improves efficiency, reduces risk, and increases quality service to patients and created a substantial amount of realisable savings for the trust.


Think Lab. Think LTS.

LTS Health was founded in 1998 and has offices in London (United Kingdom), Cape Town, (South Africa) and Atlanta (United States). LTS is a specialist in laboratory performance improvement and trusted ally to laboratories across the globe. With its roots in industrial engineering, innate ability to make complexity simple and accessible and Let’s Do It mantra, LTS soon established itself as an expert in its understanding of diagnostics laboratory operations, offering consulting services globally. LTS Health is has been involved in numerous diagnostics industry projects around the world, including consolidation, laboratory automation, laboratory facilities design and simulation. LTS has since expanded on its original offering to include training/learning and a wide range of technologies that help laboratories and the broader diagnostic industry to address critical performance requirements.

The winners of the HSJ Awards will be announced on 8 March 2018. To see a full list of the finalists click here

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