Spectrum Health presents PinpointBPS® poster at PLUGS Summit in Seattle, WA

Kim Collison, Director of Laboratory Services at Spectrum Health

Kim Collison, Director of Laboratory Services at Spectrum Health

Over the past couple of years, LTS has formed a strong bond with Michigan based Spectrum Health and made use of PinpointBPS® to answer high risk, high value questions with evidence.

A case study poster that evaluates the impact of using PinpointBPS® to make critical performance decisions at Spectrum Health's Advanced Technology Laboratories was presented by LLS Woman of the Year and Director of Laboratory Services, Kim Collison, at the 2018 PLUGS Summit.

PinpointBPS® was used to evaluate critical performance issues and directions, with revolutionary results. Specifically, it identified how Spectrum Health can insource specialist testing without increasing their cost base, and improved staff performance while boosting morale. Download the poster here to see all of the tested scenarios and their outcomes.

With PinpointBPS modeling, we were able to determine that we could utilize existing staff to perform testing for the HLA laboratory start up.
— Kim Collison, Director of Laboratory Services, Advanced Technology Laboratories, Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATL) houses three labs under one roof at Spectrum Health - molecular diagnostics, flow cytometry and cytogenetics. Their PhD scientists and highly skilled lab technologists are trained to perform advanced laboratory testing and procedures, which play a vital role in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Find out more about Spectrum Health ATL in the video below.