LTS Health narrows the looming laboratory skills gap by launching LabVine.


By Andre Gouws, CEO of LTS Learning

The diagnostics industry is experiencing a global skills shortage that could soon limit its ability to deliver good quality clinical outcomes and start putting patients at risk. Technology-based learning presents a solution to upskilling hundreds of thousands of lab professionals globally, at a lower cost than traditional training and development (T&D) modalities.

LTS Health Learning has developed an interactive online learning platform the hosts courses and programs that contribute to the professional development of the laboratory workforce.

The Aspiring Lab Manager online course, is now available on LabVine free of charge to all lab professionals. The free course is accredited for 1 CPD credit and includes an assessment to ensure learning has been achieved. The Aspiring Lab Manager course acts as a precursor to LTS Learning’s full Lab Management Online course, which covers critical management topics ranging from quality to finance. The longer course is PACE-accredited, providing 20 contact hours and a certificate upon completion.


  • Introduction:

    LabVine addresses the skills shortage crisis in laboratories.

  • Trend towards new learning modalities:

    A platform that hosts e-Learning designed for millennial generation.

  • Answering the call:

    Clinical lab training experts are creating new resources to develop lab skills.

  • LTS Health Learning product spotlight:

    LabVine – an online learning platform, benefits and audience

    The Aspiring Lab Manager – course overview, benefits, target audience.

    Lab Management – course overview, benefits, target audience.


André Gouws

CEO: LTS Health Learning

André has a passion for skills development in the diagnostics industry and has been responsible for the skills development of more than 500 laboratory professionals over the past 3 years. For over 25 years, Andre has managed training courses across multiple business disciplines