Develop The Next Generation of Laboratory Leaders

When it comes to laboratory skills, there's a real need for leadership development.

The diagnostics industry is experiencing a global skills shortage, limiting the ability to deliver good quality clinical outcomes. Patients may be put at risk - and the need is greater than ever for laboratories to ensure that there are people with sufficient skills and leadership capabilities.

According to the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa (WHO/AFRO), the ratio of laboratory professionals to citizens in Africa is <1 : 10,000, making quality service delivery a challenging task. The case is no different in other markets, where the United States Federal Government has previously reported that 138,000 new lab professionals will be needed to replace technicians expected to retire. The problem is that only 50,000 will be trained by that time. That's a shortfall of over 60% - and the trend does not seem to be subsiding.

LTS developed an online application that you can use to compile a comprehensive view of your skills and confidence

In light of this, LTS has developed a management course specific to laboratories to develop critical skills. The course guides the career transition for staff with a technical background into leadership positions within labs and, best of all, it is a unique management course developed entirely for labs. In addition, LTS also developed a free online application that helps laboratories to compile a comprehensive view of your teams management skills, highlighting areas of strength and requirements for development. This provides laboratories with the ability to respond immediately to the urgent skills shortage, while ensuring that planning is based on real needs in the lab.

Start today by creating a skills profile for your team. You can do that by using this free skills application.

The app allows you to create a profile across a range of management disciplines in the lab, including change management, quality management, ethics and continuous improvement.

A laboratory skills profile shows you the maximum and minimum levels of confidence in key management disciplines.

A laboratory skills profile shows you the maximum and minimum levels of confidence in key management disciplines.

Your profile is saved for future use, allowing you to compare future profiles as you improve specific skills in your team. By understanding the skills profile of your team, you can effectively use this information to create succession plans for your laboratory and ensure the right people receive the right training. This important initial step gives you the necessary insight to know exactly what your needs are and contribute to skills development in an area that's critical today.