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For the past two decades, we have been helping laboratories move the world forward.



We deliver results for laboratories.

From operational efficiency to organizational strategy, we can help your laboratory increase revenue, reduce cost and improve turnaround time.

When it comes to laboratory performance,
we've seen it all.


100% diagnostics focused

We are fully dedicated to laboratory performance

Two decades of expertise

We've dealt with nearly every challenge a lab could offer

Fully independent

We're an ally to our clients and your success is ours too

International footprint

We've served laboratories in over 40 countries


Our offering is tailored around true laboratory performance

Laboratories face complex, ever-changing and challenging environments. Even so, to remain competitive and relevant, laboratories require continuous change and transformation.



Our consulting services ensure that all our solutions are sustainable, underpinned by leading edge technology and empowered by value-adding globally accredited training.




Our advisory services provide a strategic focus and guidance on processes that assist design, manage change and improve performance.


The LTS Lab Performance Model

We have created a laboratory performance model based on The 8 Principles that any lab can use to identify performance opportunities and needs.

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"LTS quickly grasped our operations, provided us with regular feedback and were even able to make a few simple physical changes on the fly that have already had a positive impact."

- Catherine Walker, Halton Healthcare, Canada



Over two decades, we've managed to accomplish many things.

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Life at LTS

Position yourself for a global career in healthcare performance improvement.


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A talented team working towards the future, across the globe.


We follow the 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance

The 8 Principles represent a management philosophy that minimises risk and empowers the organisation to make the big impact decisions, faster. It is evident in everything we do at LTS.