Frequently asked questions

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What is e-Valuate™ and what benefits does it deliver?

e-Valuate™ makes lab cost management as easy as ABC. e-Valuate™ provides your laboratory with valuable information that enables you to generate cost savings, become more productive and navigate significant change. The tool also allows you to benchmark your laboratory against peers.

How do I receive the results from an e-Valuate™ analysis?

Once we have completed the analysis, the findings will be presented to you by one of our e-Valuate™ experts. You will receive quarterly reports that are interactive and allow you to explore various cost driving scenarios in your laboratory.

How does the data collection process work?

We collect all the necessary data (which can amount to a huge data set) to give you an accurate analysis of your laboratory. We provide data collection templates and best practice requirements to ensure the process is simple and secure.

How often does the analysis get refreshed?

You will receive an updated, detailed analysis every quarter that allows you to track your progress against your own objectives.

Can I pull this data into my own CRM or data visualisation solution?

e-Valuate™ has been designed to give you insights and allow you to drill deeper into an area of interest. For this reason, data extracts have not specifically been developed in the product. If data extraction is really important to you, they could be made available upon request at database level, excluding the tabular model where calculations are determined. Tabular models are dynamic engines that calculate in real time, i.e. based on what you are comparing at the time. People then access that by way of an self-service front end.

Who do you benchmark me against?

We would benchmark your laboratory against laboratories of the same workload (three clusters: small, medium, large) and of a similar type (i.e.: teaching; district general; specialist referral centre).

How does e-Valuate™ compare to similar products currently on the market?

Our system - which includes algorithms, data cleansing and validation and time spent on site measuring - ensures that results are comparable across sites. Similar products often do not conduct any checks, calculations or detailed analyses to understand the cost per test and the allocation of costs. This means that the data quality tends to be unreliable. In addition, the definitions of the data captured and submitted vary greatly by Trust, making the results non-comparable.

What does e-Valuate™ cost?

We charge a fixed annual license fee and on more complex projects we provide a customised quote. The license fee is applicable to what we define as one laboratory (i.e.: routine blood sciences; microbiology; cellular pathology; molecular and genetics; etc.).

Do I pay monthly, or are there other payment options?

Typically, it is a once-off cost. Once this is paid in full, your license will be activated. For larger projects or multiple licenses we would discuss your requirements with you in detail to agree on a payment model to suit your needs.

How long does the e-Valuate™ tool take to set up, and when will I be able to use it?

Getting set up usually depends on the availability and complexity of the data. We provide an implementation plan that includes a detailed timeline and provides regular updates to all stakeholders.

What time and resources do my people need to invest in implementing e-Valuate™?

The time requirement from your staff is minimal. We only require one point of contact and spend approximately two to four days on site, allowing us to interact with your personnel at various levels.

How do you know your results are correct?

We validate the reliability of the results multiple times during the analysis. Furthermore, the accuracy and reliability of e-Valuate™’s findings have been demonstrated in peer review scientific journals. To view these studies click here.

Do you use my data for benchmarking reporting purposes to other clients?

If you choose to have access to benchmarked data relevant to your lab, your data will in turn be made anonymous and utilised for benchmarking purposes. You do have the option not to share any of your data, however this will mean you will not have access to benchmarked insights. Your data will remain private and protected at all times, regardless of which option you choose.

If I choose to share my data for benchmarking purposes, how do you ensure its confidentiality?

We ensure confidentiality by only disclosing the results of our calculation and not the original data. We remove all identifiable characteristics to ensure anonymity.

Where do you store my data?

The data will be stored in your country on secure Microsoft Azure servers.