Use the latest technology to your advantage.

From VR lab design to machine learning, we use leading edge technology to enhance our services and ensure that you can manage and sustain improvements.


On the cutting edge


We apply leading edge technologies to drive your performance



PinpointBPS® provides leading edge tools that help you manage performance, track improvements and test high risk, high reward decisions.

Make high impact decisions with certainty:

  • PinpointBPS® Insight is a laboratory performance dashboard that gives you an intuitive view of your current and past performance drivers.
  • PinpointBPS® Process is a custom process document that allows you to view the flow of your whole lab at a glance and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • PinpointBPS® Foresight is a simulation service that accurately predicts how a change in your lab will affect your performance and by how much

Utilization Analytics

A secure, interactive platform, enabling the user to analyze their lab utilization data, identify trends and outliers, in order to make informed decisions.

Ensure effective use of your lab services:

  • Test Utilization. Track unnecessary testing and highlight underutilized follow-up testing, by physician.
  • Test Analysis. Identify test outliers in terms of ordering variation, cost, volume and abnormal result at the click of a button.
  • Physician Analysis. Explore variability in patient testing approaches within clinical specializations.
  • Population Analysis. Monitor diagnostic costs across patient demographics and track specific disease states.
  • Emerging trends. Identify significant ordering volume trends and forecast ahead.


We bring emerging technologies to your lab


Virtual Reality Lab Design

Lab design moves into a new era, where it can be experienced before implementation, reducing risk and guaranteeing satisfaction.

Machine Learning

By applying machine learning technologies to your lab data, we can develop advanced insights and variable correlations like never before.


Healthcare Big Data

We have proven experience in the integration, visualization and analysis of massive datasets from various platforms.