Analytics tools that helps manage cost and drive quality.

From demand management to activity-based costing, our technology offering helps labs to gain visibility and control.


Act on the bigger picture.

Our technology products make use of lab data that provides you with actionable insights and an understanding of the bigger picture.


Lead the transition to value-based care.

ILYTIX™ unlocks the power of lab data, allowing you to reduce costs, be proactive and provide clinical leadership.


Lab cost management, easy as ABC.

e-Valuate™ is a tool that calculates costs in your lab. By performing an Activity-Based Costing (ABC) analysis on your lab, e-Valuate™ can help you achieve cost savings, improve productivity and manage change effectively.


Technology solutions that you can trust.


The technology products and services we deliver to you has been built on a trusted infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure serves as the infrastructure for your data. Azure meets a broad set of international compliance standards and bodies, including:

ISO 27001 | HIPAA | FedRAMP | SOC 1 | SOC 2 | British Standards Institute

✓  Regional data centres to ensure compliance with local data residency regulations.

✓  Transparent data encryption protects Azure SQL Database and Warehouse.

✓  Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.


Our products are GDPR compliant. All data is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers in your country. LTS Health holds the Cyber Essentials Plus certification.