Stand up, stand out and stand for something.

Laboratory performance starts with the Power of Process Professional™ 
and you.

Our learning process instills the foundation of performance excellence essential in identifying ‘the process’ as a tool. As you progress to our middle championship tier you discover an in-depth understanding of laboratory processes.  How it not only relates to performance improvement but also how to measure and identify additional areas of improvement. As you successfully reach the top of the pyramid you will acquire highly sought after skills for you to make significant contributions to performance improvement.


After completing the Power of Process Professional series, you will be able to:

  • Understand your role in the business, and see how you fit into the bigger picture;
  • Map your own lab processes in a standardized manner
  • Use data to identify opportunities for improvement;
  • Analyze problems and identify root causes;
  • Use LIS data for scenarios in simulation;
  • Write a business case and motivate the need for change;
  • Identify and develop an improvement team and manage improvement projects; and the
  • Ability to manage change effectively.


Unleash operational excellence in your whole lab.

Your labs bottom line and quality depends on the effective implementation of identified strategic processes that can significantly impact your labs clinical outcomes and financial sustainability.

Improved laboratory performance starts with the Power of Process ProfessionalTM and your lab, by:

  • Unleashing operational excellence, pioneering new perspectives and identifying laboratory performance improvement opportunities.
  • Adapting the need for change that ensures strong contributions toward continuous process performance improvement.
  • Developing and enhancing strategic processes that with effective execution will ultimately lead to improved quality outcomes and financial sustainability.
  • Mastering the utilization of advanced tools and methodologies to transform opportunities into tangible performance results.