Any effective utilization management program requires an effective, secure big data analysis platform.


Test Utilization. Ensure effective use of your laboratory

  • Track unnecessary testing.
  • Highlight underutilized follow-up testing
  • Get a holistic view of population screenin

Test Analysis. Focus your efforts on tests that matter.


  •  Statistical outlier identification at the click of a button
  •  Understand ordering variation within physician specialty

Physician Analysis. Know your customers. Inside and out.

  • Highlight physicians with unique ordering behavior
  • Compare cost, volumes and value within specialty groups
  • Explore variability in patient testing approaches

Population Analysis. It’s about the patient, after all.


  • Track your population health for specific disease states
  •  Monitor diagnostic costs across patient demographics
  •  Explore physician specific population distribution

Test Order Trends. What lies ahead. A view into your future lab.


  • Identify emerging tests and forecast volumes
  • Manage redundant tests down over time
  • Accurately measure the impact of your utilization management interventions

LTS Utilization provides you with understanding of your true utilization over time - and analysis at your fingertips.



We provide you with beautiful insight about billions of your data records.


We know what is important to you

Available on any device

Don’t be restricted to your office PC.  Our responsive online platform is accessible from any device at any time. Review your lab utilization when it suits you!


On Premise or in the Cloud

We are comfortable, when you are comfortable. Our standard solution operates in a secure cloud environment, but we can implement the same technology locally in your environment. 


Data Encryption

Azure SQL Data Warehouse Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) helps protect against the threat of malicious activity by performing real-time encryption and decryption of your data at rest.