LTS Utilization Analytics

Your laboratory data like you have never seen it before. Without any help from IT.


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One beautiful dashboard, containing all your test utilization data.

Any effective utilization management program requires an effective, secure big data analysis platform. And that's exactly what LTS Utilization Analytics offers.

  • Understand test utilization and ensure effective use of your laboratory
  • Analyse your test patterns and focus your efforts on tests that matter
  • Analyse physician test order trends and get to know your customers inside out
  • Analyse population healthcare trends and plan for the future of your laboratory

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Compatible with mobile devices
Our responsive online platform is accessible from any device at any time.


Hosting on premise or in the cloud
Saved securely in the cloud or locally in your environment.


Secure, encrypted data
We use Azure SQL Data Warehouse Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)



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LTS Utilization Analytics provides you with understanding of your true utilization over time - and analysis at your fingertips.