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Online Course - Laboratory Management in Practice
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Power of Process

Transform your laboratory performance equipped with advanced knowledge of laboratory processes, and the practical skills to improve them.


Power of Process enables you to:

  • Pioneer new perspectives on laboratory performance and make a strong contribution to performance improvement.
  • Champion improvement initiatives in your laboratory by being able to identify performance improvement opportunities.
  • Master advanced tools and methodologies to transform opportunities into tangible performance results.


Lab Management in Practice

Ensure your next generation of laboratory leaders has the capabilities to manage the laboratory of today and the future.


Laboratory Management in Practice enables you to:

  • Develop management knowledge and skills that guide the transition from a technical background into leadership positions.
  • Apply management skills that have a notable impact on laboratory quality and the bottom line.
  • Contribute to succession planning by strengthening the workforce to manage the laboratory of tomorrow.


LTS Learning offers the full spectrum of performance skills development for laboratories.


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