Champion improvement initiatives in your laboratory by learning how to identify performance improvement opportunities.



The complex laboratory system
The case for change
Removing uncertainty to achieve real potential
Structuring your lab for innovation

Program purpose

The purpose of the program is to equip the learner with an in-depth understanding of laboratory processes, how it relates to laboratory performance, identify performance problems and propose corrective actions.

The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance are used as the framework of understanding for this program. The Power of Process Champion program also provides a very strong technical foundation in detailed laboratory process mapping and introduces the concept of performance simulation. An in-depth account of the key performance metrics allows you not only to understand performance, but also to measure and identify additional areas for improvement.

Learning objectives and outcomes

  • Link the strategic objectives of the laboratory with the actual performance of the laboratory operations
  • Analyse the laboratory process boundary and break it down into its functional areas, work areas, manning points and activities
  • Gather performance data and link it to actual activities, creating transparency and visibility across the laboratory
  • Translate the physical laboratory operation into a Level 2 Process map using Business Process Modelling and Notation (BPMN)
  • Identify performance improvement opportunities and suggest methods to mitigate or eliminate performance problems

1. The performance innovation cycle

Understanding your laboratory
Area selection
Data collection
Process mapping
Validation and verification of models
KPIs and KPI reports
Performance improvement and re-engineering
Change impact assessments
Implementation and measurement

2. Laboratory process mapping

Creating a model structure for your laboratory
Using international standards
Introduction to leading flowcharting software

3. Modelling and simulation

An introduction to:
Physical simulation models
Mathematical simulation models
Process simulation models
Live simulation
Constructive simulation
Virtual simulation


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