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The Power of Process Professional puts you at the heart of your lab's performance.


Your lab's processes are the cornerstone to achieving quality outcomes and financial sustainability.

Gain the knowledge and skills to understand the big picture, grasp operations and use innovative tools to achieve high performance in your lab.


Gain a bigger picture perspective

Your processes extend beyond the doors of your lab - and factors outside of your control influence how you run it. The Power of Process Professional™ provides a systems understanding of the lab and its macro context.


Obtain lab performance expertise

Balance quality outcomes with financial sustainability. The Power of Process Professional™ highlights the levers you can use, including your people, technology and laboratory infrastructure.

Lead with an innovative toolkit

Put performance improvement into practice. The Power of Process Professional™ provides critical tools, principles and methodologies that allow you to address performance, mentor others and sustain performance in your lab.


The Power of Process Professional™ is perfect for individuals and teams.

It allows you and your lab to perform optimally by building process expertise, instilling management fundamentals and integrating these into your workplace.


About the Power of Process

Like DNA our laboratory processes hold the key to identifying how changes affect us — our lab, our colleagues, our patients and our customers.

LTS Health Learning spent more than three years developing our internationally accredited Power of Process Professional™, placing your people at the heart of your laboratory’s performance improvement initiative.


Get to the heart of your lab's performance.

Find out more about how it can boost your career and make a difference in your lab.