The inaugural Lab Management Winter School was held in Cape Town, South Africa. This initiative was launched to mark the centenary of Nelson Mandela's birth and LTS Learning's commitment to broadening education. 

The five-day program equipped delegates with the skills to perform optimally in a lab management role. It covered lab management fundamentals and explained how to use practical tools and methodologies. In addition, a host of guest speakers provided insights into the lab's role in healthcare.

Delegates learned

  •  How they fit into the laboratory ecosystem and how to manage laboratory operations and processes optimally
  •  How to apply change management methods and principles to align and keep up with continuous change  
  •  How to use leading edge tools to drive continuous improvement
  •  How to apply performance improvement as a management skill 
  •  How to lead their laboratory team with confidence 


This course will help me to change my lab over the long term. I feel a lot more empowered in my role as a lab technician.
— LMWS2018 Delegate

Lab Management Winter School 2018


Lab Management Winter School 2018


Lab Management Winter School 2018