Balance quality outcomes with financial sustainability.

We have created a simplified laboratory performance model which can be used to structure and enable creative conversations or diagnose success inhibitors.


All laboratories have a clear mandate to actively improve clinical outcomes while also remaining financially sustainable.

The ability of laboratories to apply their resources (people, technology, infrastructure and materials) in managing their demand, directly affects their service delivery. The processes applied determines the efficiency in which resources handle their workload. Resources and outsourced testing are the main cost drivers and should be balanced with income sources. The financial sustainability mandate of all organizations differ and could be driven by profitability or containment of cost.

Customizing the LTS laboratory performance model to your specific organization can serve as a powerful template for strategy development, project prioritization, performance analysis and general discussion facilitation.


Key Improvement Tactics (KITs) for your laboratory

Focus your efforts on the levers that will improve your laboratory performance.  We have seen which tactics deliver value throughout the ecosystem.  Are you applying them in your organization?


Develop your next generation of lab leaders.


Ensure process improvement competence.


Measure your workload and performance


Visualize your process and collaborate.


Reduce risk in decision making.


Manage and improve test utilization.