Laboratory Management Primers

Home in on specific management topics within the laboratory, acquiring knowledge and developing useful skills.


Sharpen your skills in any of the following laboratory management areas:

✓ Manage operations and processes

Quality is a product of laboratory operations. This primer course provides a critical understanding of laboratory operations and processes, contextualizing these within a laboratory's business strategy.

✓ Equipment and inventory management

Managing the equipment and inventory in your laboratory can be a big, and sometimes daunting task. Learn how to effectively reduce cost and improve productivity in your laboratory.

✓ Manage quality

This primer course imparts a combination of knowledge and skills necessary for the implementation of a quality management system (QMS) in your laboratory. Learn about the necessary components and processes.

✓ Manage occurrences

Dealing with laboratory occurrences is pivotal to ensuring quality, customer satisfaction and continuously improving the performance of your laboratory. Deal with errors effectively and put preventive measures in place.

✓ Customer service

Customer service is more than simply delivering quality. Develop the ability to serve a range of laboratory customer groups with the necessary methods to measure and ensure customer satisfaction.

✓ Manage laboratory human resources

Ensuring that laboratory staff are equipped and engaged is only one part of HR management. This course provides critical insights necessary to hire and manage staff while planning for the future.

✓ Understand and manage laboratory finance

The financial performance of a laboratory ultimately determines the sustainability of its operations. This primer course allows you not only to interpret and report on laboratory financials, but also plan for its future.

✓ Laboratory documentation management

From quality control to certification, document management plays an important role in ensuring your laboratory is efficient and complies with necessary standards and regulations.

✓ Continuous improvement

Gain insight into the evolving world of continuous improvement. Get introduced to the Power of Process and gain exposure to the tools and methodologies used to identify opportunities for performance improvement.

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