Laboratory Management in Practice

Develop laboratory management knowledge and skills that guide the career transition for staff with a technical background into leadership positions.


What you'll learn from this course

  • Develop the capabilities required to progress into management
  • Complement succession planning by developing practical laboratory management skills
  • Gain confidence in key management topics, including laboratory finance, quality and people management
  • Deal with complex challenges in a self-assured management capacity

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  • It is a pleasure learning through such a professional company, always well prepared, friendly and supportive. I am grateful for the experience!
    — Laboratory Management in Practice Course Graduate, Pathcare
  • This course helped me to think out of the box.
    — Laboratory Management in Practice Course Graduate, Pathcare
  • I have applied what I have learned to my own lab which has made the experience extremely valuable.
    — Laboratory Management in Practice Course Graduate, Pathcare
  • A very good course. I could implement new things in my lab. I will definitely recommend this course.
    — Laboratory Management in Practice Course Graduate, Pathcare
  • The course was very informative and I learned a lot at my level as a technologist.
    — Laboratory Management in Practice Course Graduate, Lancet

Course overview

The Laboratory Management in Practice course develops the capabilities required to become part of laboratory management. From practical knowledge about key management topics, to the soft skills required to take confident action, all topics are covered in detail in the laboratory context. 

Managing performance improvement is a primary objective of this course. You will learn how to apply management skills that have a notable impact on laboratory quality and the bottom line. A significant benefit to the organization is that this course can aid succession planning.

This course also includes

The Guide to Management for Laboratory Leaders
Our textbook is now in its second edition.


Accredited certificates of competence and attendance.
Acknowledged by major institutes and top employers across the globe.

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Laboratory Management in Practice Course Material, Task Book and Presentation.
Keeper of knowledge during the course, critical lab performance assistant thereafter.

Only interested to learn about specific management topics?

The Laboratory Management in Practice course is also available in the form of individual Laboratory Management Primers. These allow you to focus on the specific areas in which would like to increase your knowledge and develop new skills.

Course details

5 days
CPD accredited
Classroom based
Supplementary online correspondence


The laboratory as a system
Knowledge areas within the laboratory
Skills of a laboratory manager

1. Manage operations and processes

Understanding your context and purpose
Aligning operations with strategy
Planning tools and frameworks

2. Manage teams in the laboratory

Guide, direct and manage your team
Characteristics of a high-performance team
The performance management process

3. Leadership and change management

Creating a productive work environment
Coaching and mentoring
Change management in practice

4. Manage laboratory finance

Financial activities in the laboratory
Budgets and cost control
Making financial decisions

5. Quality management in the laboratory

Quality assurance
Continuous improvement
Documentation management

Evaluation and assessment

Summative assessment
2 months' workplace learning
Online correspondence and interaction