Power of Process Pioneer

Pioneer new perspectives on laboratory performance and make a strong contribution to performance improvement.


What you'll learn from this course

  • Make a strong contribution to any laboratory performance improvement initiative

  • See laboratory performance in a refreshing new light

  • Understand how your actions can positively impact quality and the bottom line
  • Gain deeper insight into laboratory turnaround time and process

  • Experience, knowledge and research make this course a powerful tool to improve everything in a lab — from bottom line to laboratory processes
    — Power of Process Pioneer Course Graduate, Thermofisher
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the training session. The skills learned during this short period were phenomenal and the facilitation was excellent.
    — Power of Process Pioneer Course Graduate, SANBS
  • This course has been the most informative and interactive course I've been on in a long time. It has helped me to identify how to add value and take away the uncertainty in making decisions.
    — Power of Process Pioneer Course Graduate, NHS Nottingham University Hospitals

Course overview

This half-day course introduces you to the Power of Process. It allows you to make a strong contribution to the performance of your laboratory, giving you the foundation for performance excellence. It provides a refreshing perspective on laboratory performance improvement, starting with process as a tool.

The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance are used as the framework of understanding for this course. The Power of Process Pioneer course also highlights the fast-changing laboratory environment and the innovation that is required to perform, survive and succeed. Taking this course will help you grasp the intricacies of ongoing performance improvement within the laboratory as well as how to prepare, initiate and sustain performance.

More about The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance

We perform better and become more successful when we make the right decisions. The 8 Principles allow you to do just that. It used to be true that the only way to achieve success was to be innovative. Today, innovation is critical for survival. We know innovation is only possible when risk is effectively managed, reduced or entirely removed. The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance is a new philosophy, rooted in diagnostics, that allows laboratories to be innovative through certainty.

Course details

1/2-day course
Classroom training


Industry situation anlaysis
Impact on laboratories
Achieving true potential

1. Pioneering performance improvement

Gaining total laboratory understanding
Estimating true performance potential
Creating an innovation focus
Track your growth towards success

2. Introducing The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance

The aims of The 8 Principles
The application to the Laboratory Performance cycle
Structure the organization for decision making with certainty
Empower the organization to make the right decisions
Sustain the ability to compete and ensure success

3. Structuring your laboratory for certainty

Boost the bottom line or bust
Lead with a common language
Trust the transparency

4. Empowering the organization

Facts or figures, no fluff
Driven by decisiveness
Accuracy is paramount

5. Sustain your ability to compete and succeed

Big impact beats small
Knowledge knows no bounds

6. Start today

Looking to the future
Planning for performance