Lab consulting that goes beyond possibilities.

Trusted consulting solutions that delivers results.

Every lab type.  Right across the globe.

With decades of global expertise, LTS knows what makes laboratory performance tick, no matter the type or location.

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How we work

LTS offers specialist consulting expertise with a keen understanding of laboratory performance.

Our consulting service is delivered by highly qualified laboratory performance experts with backgrounds in science, engineering, business and finance. We offer vast knowledge, obtained over years of practice.

  • 2 decades of diagnostics experience

  • 300,000 hours of senior management dedication

  • Projects completed in over 30 countries



We ally with your team, ensuring true understanding, knowledge transfer and successful change management.

Improvement demands participation. From CEO to scientist and technician, we have the know-how to effectively collaborate with laboratory staff.

  • We provide you with a team of experts

  • Dedicate experienced people to manage your projects

  • Engage with people from operations to senior management

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We go beyond solutions, guiding you through to successful implementation

Not only can we advise on the best solution - we can provide guidance to ensure results are achieved.

  • We have a unique grasp of all laboratory operations, from the bottom to the top.

  • We ensure that top-down goals and objectives are met and that any improvement is sustained.

  • LTS thrives on the long-term sustainability of laboratory performance solutions.


Trusted, independent expertise.

From expert advice and guidance, to skills development and leading edge tools, LTS provides your laboratory with everything you need.



Whether you’re considering automation or already in the process, make sure you do it for all the right reasons and gain the long-term benefits.



From feasibility studies to implementation management, understand the true impact of consolidation.

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A process-driven approach ensures that performance leads design.



Make sure your people are aligned with your lab’s needs and priorities.

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Reduce cost, improve turnaround time and drive quality with robust performance improvement methodologies.


We approach lab consulting using The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance


Partnering with the right technology vendor can have significant, long-term implications for your lab. LTS Health ensures that you automate for all the right reasons and gain the real benefits of automation sooner, helping with specifications, procurement, evaluation and implementation management of your automation solution.




The financial pressure on national health systems is ever increasing. LTS Health took the lead in developing a national pathology consolidation strategy for England’s National Health Service - the NHS - identifying significant savings and providing a detailed roadmap for implementation. Find out how LTS Health can help you with your consolidation requirements.


Facilities Design 

When it comes to laboratory design, we think of it all. Our unparalleled expertise in laboratory design ensures that everything is planned, designed and implemented to achieve success. Our team offers world-class consultancy services on projects requiring state-of-the-art laboratory planning, comprehensive design and project management expertise.

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Performance Improvement 


With a deep understanding of continuous improvement for labs and our own proprietary methodologies, LTS Health is uniquely positioned to assist. Laboratories are confronted with high risk, complex decisions with long term impact. Making smart decisions will lead to increased savings and revenue, better use of resources and higher quality.


Workforce Planning 


Your strategic decisions can have a significant impact on your human capital. LTS Health can help you align your people with your organisational needs and priorities to ensure that you have the most cost effective, efficient workforce.