How Spectrum Health takes on increasing test volumes with confidence.

How Spectrum Health’s Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATL) were able to confidently push increasing Hepatitis volumes through their existing systems.

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Increasing Hepatitis tests could strain operations.
In the midst of increased demand for Hepatitis tests, Spectrum needed to ascertain the test volume at which the laboratory performance would be affected negatively.

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Innovating towards certainty.
To determine whether Spectrum Health could take on greater volumes of Hepatitis tests, LTS Health made use of PinpointBPS® to simulate workload capacity.

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The Results

100% growth capacity identified.
Using advanced process analysis techniques, Spectrum determined that they were able to double their volume of Hepatitis tests without any negative impact.

The laboratory modeling capability of the service enabled us to accurately determine the latent capacity of our resources. With this information we could defer additional Full Time Equivalent (FTE) appointments, reducing potential costs. This data empowers us to engage with management on investment opportunities based on fact.
— Kim Collison, Director of Laboratory Services, Advanced Technology Laboratories, Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Spectrum Health

LTS Health helped this award-winning, integrated health system to deal with increasing demand.

Spectrum Health is an integrated health system, with an award-winning health plan, teams of nationally recognized doctors and providers and a network of hospitals and care facilities spanning 13 counties through West Michigan. Spectrum Health is fortunate to have the ATL in West Michigan. It is very rare to have three specialized laboratories (Molecular, Flow Cytometry and Cytogenetics) under one roof in a hospital setting. While it can take days to weeks for most hospitals to get results, the ATL can provide results in hours, which can be critical to patient care. That’s why we provide diagnostic testing for health care providers across the country, as far as away as California.

Dealing with increasing demand.

Spectrum Health expected the volume of Hepatitis requests to increase in the future as it ramped up clinic operations. The hospital needed to ascertain the test volume at which the Advanced Technology Laboratories lab performance would be affected negatively.


The approach

Accurate analysis of resources and processes.

A sensitivity analysis on existing resources and processes was performed. Different Hepatitis test volumes were applied, increasing in increments of 25%. The analysis showed that the high throughput capacity of their existing systems would allow for 100% increase in test volume, or more.

"The LTS team came into the lab with knowledge of lab processes unlike other improvement consultants we have seen in the past. They truly understood process, were extremely perceptive and very knowledgeable regarding data analytics."




Capacity identified




The unique benefit of PinpointBPS® ultimately assisted Spectrum Health in identifying that existing capacity could accommodate double the amount of Hepatitis tests.

This benefited Spectrum Health in multiple ways:

  • Existing systems could bear a 100%+ increase in volume.
  • Service delivery and staff utilization levels could remain unaffected.
  • Spectrum Health ATL could actively seek opportunities to push Hepatitis and other associated infectious disease volumes to the laboratory.

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