How Spectrum Health ensures improved staff performance while boosting morale.

Spectrum Health partnered with LTS Health to leverage latent capacity and significantly improve clinical performance, using only its existing staff complement.

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Adjusting staff utilization.
Rotating staff between molecular work areas was impacting clinical quality and supervisors were routinely performing work instead of managerial responsibilities.

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Accurately simulating changes in workload.
Specific scenarios were simulated, such as the reduction of staff numbers to simulate absenteeism and the testing of staff reallocation, resulting in a detailed reallocation plan.

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12% reduction in peak area utilization.
While changes in staff utilization can often have an adverse effect on staff motivation, morale was in fact boosted and resulted in a more reliable throughput of tests.

Reviewing latent capacity and Turnaround Time (TAT) targets we developed a new staffing model based on pods rather than individual tests
— Kim Collison, Director of Laboratory Services, Advanced Technology Laboratories, Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids, Michigan



LTS Health helped this award-winning, integrated health system to improve workforce utilization.

Spectrum Health is an integrated health system, with an award-winning health plan, teams of nationally recognized doctors and providers and a network of hospitals and care facilities spanning 13 counties through West Michigan. Spectrum Health is fortunate to have the ATL in West Michigan. It is very rare to have three specialized laboratories (Molecular, Flow Cytometry and Cytogenetics) under one roof in a hospital setting. While it can take days to weeks for most hospitals to get results, the ATL can provide results in hours, which can be critical to patient care. That’s why we provide diagnostic testing for health care providers across the country, as far as away as California.

Improving workforce utilization.

Spectrum Health identified the opportunity for smoothing of their workforce utilization. The rotation of staff between molecular work areas was impacting clinical performance in and supervisors were routinely performing work in the laboratory instead of managerial responsibilities.


The approach

Simulating Spectrum ATL workloads.

Specific scenarios were tested, reducing staff numbers to simulate absenteeism and test staff reallocations. Scenarios with limited service delivery impact and acceptable staff workload were selected. With this knowledge, a detailed reallocation plan was set up based on every workforce eventuality.

Understanding your laboratory's latent capacity helps you make critical decisions that immediately affects clinical quality, operational performance and financial sustainability.

"The LTS team came into the lab with knowledge of lab processes unlike other improvement consultants we have seen in the past. They truly understood process, were extremely perceptive and very knowledgeable regarding data analytics."




Workload improvement


Additional impacts

+Staff morale

Using PinpointBPS® to simulate complex adjustments to staff utilization and provided a quantifiable benchmark for the implementation of a detailed staff relocation plan. Ultimately, this assisted Spectrum Health in improving the overall reliability of its throughput. This resulted in improved quality, laboratory performance and boosted staff morale.

  • Reduced peak area utilization by 12%
  • Increased throughput reliability
  • Improved workforce morale

Improve utilization and staff morale in your laboratory.