How Spectrum Health insourced specialist testing without increasing its cost base.

Spectrum Health worked with LTS Health and utilized PinpointBPS® to determine that ramping up a new test offering was feasible immediately.

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Increasing revenue assumes additional capacity.
Spectrum Health wanted to establish a Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) Typing capability within the current molecular laboratory.

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Innovating towards certainty.
To determine whether Spectrum Health could bring on HLA testing using existing staff, LTS Health made use of PinpointBPS® to simulate workload capacity.

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The Results

$0 startup capital required.
Spectrum could immediately realize the opportunity and potential of new testing without the outlay of capital to build capacity.

With the Performance Assurance Report and the PinpointBPS® modeling, we were able to determine that we could utilize existing staff to perform testing for the HLA laboratory start up.
— Kim Collison, Director of Laboratory Services, Advanced Technology Laboratories, Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids, Michigan



LTS Health helped this award-winning, integrated health system to identify additional capacity.

Spectrum Health is an integrated health system, with an award-winning health plan, teams of nationally recognized doctors and providers and a network of hospitals and care facilities spanning 13 counties through West Michigan. Spectrum Health is fortunate to have the ATL in West Michigan. It is very rare to have three specialized laboratories (Molecular, Flow Cytometry and Cytogenetics) under one roof in a hospital setting. While it can take days to weeks for most hospitals to get results, the ATL can provide results in hours, which can be critical to patient care. That’s why we provide diagnostic testing for health care providers across the country, as far as away as California.

The need for new testing capability

The Spectrum Health ATL was performing a feasibility study to establish a Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) Typing capability within the current molecular laboratory. The laboratory needed to determine whether it could bring on HLA testing using existing staff.


The approach

Analyzing future performance with pinpoint accuracy.

Resource data, workforce utilization analytics, the HLA process design and expected service performance were examined. Considering increasing Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) volumes and additional protocols, it was found that current staff would be sufficient to bring on the new test. The original assumption was that a dedicated HLA laboratory would be required from the outset.

"The LTS team came into the lab with knowledge of lab processes unlike other improvement consultants we have seen in the past. They truly understood process, were extremely perceptive and very knowledgeable regarding data analytics."




Capital outlay




The unique benefit of PinpointBPS® ultimately assisted Spectrum Health in understanding exactly what was possible using only its existing capacity and capabilities.

This approach resulted in several significant findings that could put an immediate strategy into action:

  • Unnecessary startup capital investment was avoided.
  • Opportunity to add new testing capability could be immediately realized.
  • Additional staff would only be required down the line, if operational volumes increased. 

Insource specialist tests in your laboratory using existing capacity.