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Is your BSL-3 facility at risk?


The key to providing accurate, life-saving results at any BSL-3 facility lies in the design and construction of safe and cost-effective laboratories.


The occurrence of outbreaks, due to rapidly spreading infectious diseases, has caused the urgency to create cost effective and safe laboratory environments. It has become a mandate not only in Africa, but around the world. Creating facilities that protects the laboratory workers, the surrounding environment and the community from potentially lethal pathogens, is at the core of LTS Health’s business.

Biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) laboratories are facilities where work is performed with agents that may cause potentially lethal diseases through exposure/inhalation and may contaminate the environment. In most developing countries, the awareness around biosafety and dangerous biological agents have increased and the planning, design, construction, operation, certification and accreditation of BSL-3 laboratories require regular updates in line with the latest international regulations.

With over 20 years of laboratory experience, LTS Health has designed and constructed more than 50 BSL-3 laboratories across Africa, Latin America and Asia. By following a collaborative and integrated working approach we deliver BSL-3 laboratories tailored to address the specific business needs of our clients.


Are you pro-actively managing the risk of your BSL-3 facility?


Laboratory needs

Often the design and implementation of BSL-3 laboratories are the responsibility of a handful of laboratory staff. The translation of laboratory needs into engineering and technical specifications, and the implementation, certification and maintenance of these facilities pose a significant risk to the client due to the specialised nature of the laboratory processes and strict regulations that must be adhered to.


Safe & Cost-effective

At LTS Health we strive to be the international leader in the design and construction of safe and cost-effective containment facilities. We understand laboratory operations and how to translate the highly complex regulations for infectious disease testing into engineering requirements and building specifications, thus removing the risk from our clients.

Pathology Processes

We understand pathology processes and follow good laboratory design practice which can only be achieved through extensive experience. We document and regularly update processes, standard equipment and environmental conditions required in BSL-3 laboratories. This enables us to design custom, cost-effective laboratories in a reduced time frame.

Enable Research

Through laboratory design we enable research foundations to experiment with vaccines, ARVs and antibiotics to address the threat of antibiotic resistance, as well as numerous other health initiatives.